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Are you available to speak at my event or Be on my podcast?

I love working with other wild-hearted, sex-positive people! Examples of topics I just can't stop talking about: spiritual liberation via the Pussy gateway, healing numbness in mxn and womxn, creating relationships from wholeness, and how to lead a Pussy-powered life.

will you promote my products?

My audience and I are environmentally conscious and seek to use our spending power for good (and outrageous pleasure). Let's connect if you've got a big love for Mama Earth and a passion for womxn's and/or mxn's sexual empowerment!

when does your program reopen?

Yasss! I see a program has caught your eye. I reopen programs when inspired and when I feel there's a collective need for them. That being said, nothing makes me more excited to teach than enthusiastic students. If you're ravenous for a course, let me know! And check in on the Program's Page to see what's currently live.

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